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Healing the body from Within

About Clay

Clay Bailar was introduced to the Healing Arts in a unique way. In 2012 Clay suffered a massive heart attack and underwent a triple bypass. During cardiac recovery, he was placed on seven different medications. Three of these medications were for his blood pressure alone.

Despite the number of medications Clay was taking to maintain a healthy blood pressure level, he endured months of complications which ultimately concluded in two blackout episodes during a two- week time span. These blackouts were experienced while driving and resulted in collisions that totaled two different vehicles. Feeling as if his very life were in peril, Clay sought answers for why he was struggling with his recovery and unable to live a normal lifestyle.

After conducting research, he discovered his blackouts were due to an overdose of blood pressure medication. Upon this eye-opening revelation, Clay decided it was time to take his health and wellbeing into his own hands.

A good friend, who had spent the last 26 years living in Europe, had discovered and understood a more Holistic way of health. She persuaded Clay to use Essential Oils to aid his recovery process. While working with his doctor and utilizing the benefits of Essential Oils, he was completely recovered within six months and no longer needed his blood pressure medication.

By December of 2014 Clay had come to a crossroad in his life. Despite having made a full recovery, he was no longer able to be a Teamster Truck Driver which had been his career for the last 19 years. Feeling as if he had lost his purpose and that life as he knew it was over, Clay truly believed that this was the end of the road. After seriously searching the consciousness of life and the understanding of cause and effect, he prayed and said, “Show me my purpose!”  He then truly felt something Divine say to him, “Learn all you can about Cranial Sacral Therapy and how to use it to help people to heal themselves.”

Clay’s journey to educate himself began in February 2015, when he attended his first Upledger Cranial Sacral class. He truly fell in love with the fact that he could help people heal themselves with his hands and knew that he had found his calling. The only obstacle to practicing Cranial Sacral therapy professionally was that a Massage Therapist license was required. Refusing to be deterred in his drive to help people with their personal healing, Clay began massage therapy school in July 2015. He determinedly drove 120 miles round-trip daily to achieve his goal.

In July 2016, he realized his dream and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. At that point, he found two of his earth angels who invited him into their business at the Apple Valley Inn. He was truly blessed to learn from one of the best massage therapists in the high desert for pregnancy and post pregnancy massages. In the middle of 2017, he was again fortunate and invited to come to work with his mentor at The Health and Healing Place. If it were not for hearing this man’s name and the work that he was doing to help the people of his center of influence, Clay believes he might not have gotten into this work. He truly feels blessed to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a man of such a wealth of knowledge on healing the body.

Clay continually goes to classes and online webinars to constantly increase his knowledge. What he truly feels was life-changing, was when he went to John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy training in Sedona, Arizona for 11 days. He was truly in amazement at the extent of the fascia’s involvement with all bodily functions. He believes with all his heart that we can heal ourselves without drugs or surgeries. He is living proof of that. Today he takes 0 medications and feels healthier than he did when he was in his 40s. He has a truly kind compassionate heart and feels blessed to be able to do what he does.